Dog Breeds in India: Top 10 Dog Breeds in India

top 10 dog breeds in india

We will show you Top 10 Dog Breeds in India with their qualities and price in this article. These Dog Breeds in India data have collected with various pet sellers. If you planned to make a new family member with a dog than we will help you to get the right dog breeds.

People have been breeding dogs for thousands of years. Prior to modern time dog breeders used wolves to create domestic and hunting dogs.

From the beginning, humans purposefully restricted dogs to perform various tasks like Hunting, guarding, and herding. The dog also is called “man’s best friend.”

For thousands of years, humans have created dogs breed based on their physical and mental characteristics according to suitable for the work they require.

Scientific Names of Dog,- Canis lupus familiaris

There are over 340 dog breeds known in the world and the American Kennel Club recognizes 193 breeds till date.

In early times, these breeds were made only according to their needs. But now, by creating new breeds of dogs and selling to dog-lovers has become a big business in the world.

So we had research on the dog market and get the most popular dog breeds in India with his price.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden Retriever Dog

The Golden Retriever has Friendly, Intelligent, Devoted to great beauty, make him on top of Dog Breeds in India list.

And this quality makes him among America’s and India most popular dog breeds.

Golden Retrievers are serious workers for hunters, tracking, and sniffing out contraband for law enforcement.

These beautiful smart dogs are super easy to train and give the love of life when not at work.

They are just as popular in the USA and India as they are around the world. But they’re not really the greatest guard dogs since they’re pretty friendly.

Height: 23-24 inches (male), 21.5-22.5 inches (female)
Weight: 65-75 pounds (male), 55-65 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years Price: ₹5,000 – 20,000

Well, that’s only about 70 – 300 bucks, which would be a steal in the US!

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Dachshund Dog Breed

Dachshund Dog

Dachshund dog was the famously breeds in the canine kingdom due to his bold, vivacious personality and long, low silhouette, ever-alert expression.

In the USA and India are preferred due to their playfulness but many times they can be stubborn.

If we left unattended for a small-time, they are prone to chewing on our furniture and shoes.

Dachshund dog is not good choices with kids or other pets because They can sometimes be an aggressive as well as an independent hunter.

Height: 8-9 inches (standard), 5-6 inches (miniature)
Weight: 16-32 pounds (standard), 11 pounds & under (miniature)
Life Expectancy: 12-16 years
Price :- ₹5,000 – 12,000 (IND)
$150 (USA), these short-legged, long-bodied

Beagle Dog Breed

Beagle Dog

He is a beautiful Dog that gets along with kids, other pets, and strangers, so aggressiveness isn’t usually.

Beagle breed also an excellent hunting dog with a loyal companion. It is funny, happy-go-lucky, and show a cute expression.

They were bred to hunt, so they can be hard to train because of their independent nature.

But they enjoy the company with other pets and kids. Beagle bred to have two varieties and both varieties are sturdy, solid, and “big for their inches,” as breeders say.

Beagles bred are loving and lovable, happy, and companionable—all qualities that make them excellent family dogs and you have not to worry about this breed.

Height: 13 inches & under, 13-15 inches
Weight: under 20 pounds (13 inches & under), 20-30 pounds (13-15 inches)
Life Expectancy: 10-15 years,
Price-USA- 170 $
India- ₹8,000 – 16,000

Boxer Dog Dog Breed

Boxer Dog

If we want loyalty, affection, intelligence, work ethic, and good looks in one package then we choose Boxers.

Boxers are high-energy, strong, bright, alert, and sometimes silly, but always courageous agile breed. For these qualities, it makes it has been among America’s most popular dog breeds for a very long time.

Boxers also great watchdogs due to their height. A male Boxer can stand 25 inches (0.64 m) in his peak time.

The name “boxer” comes from its tendency to stand on its high legs with make boxing-like movements with its front paws. It developed in Germany

Height: 23-25 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (female)
Weight: 65-80 pounds (male), females are about 15 pounds less than male
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
Price -₹6,000 – 18,000 INR and 170-dollar in USA

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed

Tibetan Mastiff

Photo by form PxHere

When you ask super dog in dog breed than only one name comes in mind is Tibetan Mastiff.

The name “Tibetan Mastiff” is coming belonging to the mastiff family and Originating from the nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, Mongolia, India, and Nepal.

Tibetan Mastiff Independent, Reserved, Intelligent breed. Tibetan Mastiff breed densely-coated giants are mellow and calm around the house, sweetly devoted to family, and aloof and territorial with strangers But don’t be intimidated by this dog’s size.

Height: minimum 26 inches (male), minimum 24 inches (female)
Weight: 90-150 pounds (male), 70-120 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
Price:-₹10,000 – 30,000 INR and 300$ in USA

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English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

English Cocker Spaniel

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If the USA and Indian families should get an alert and resilient pet, that’s great with kids, then their choices are only English Cocker.

He is a breed of gun dog. It is producing one of the most varied numbers of pups in all dog breeds in the world.

They don’t like being alone, though, and they form a stronger bond with the Men.

English Cocke compact, silky-coated bird dog is widely admired for his delightful personality and irresistible good looks.

English Cocker breed’s happy nature and perpetually wagging tail have earned it the nickname the “merry cocker”.

Height: 16-17 inches (male), 15-16 inches (female)
Weight: 28-34 pounds (male), 26-32 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 12-14 years
Price-₹6,000 – 15,000 INR, $150 IN USA

Pug Dogs Dog Breed

Pug Dogs

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Pug dog breed was really popular in India for the Vodafone ad campaign. Pug dogs despite their small size,

they’re full of life and have a charming personality, and he is adored by his millions of fans around the world.

Pugs tend to be intuitive and sensitive to their owner’s mood and are usually eager.

These dogs history recorded when Once the mischievous companion of Chinese emperors, and later the mascot of Holland’s royal House of Orange.

dog breeders say that this breed is the ideal for a house dog. these Pugs are happy in the metro city or country, with kids or old folks, as an only pet or with other pets.

They enjoy their food and love to take care of himself by keep them trim.

Charming, Mischievous, Loving
Height: 10-13 inches
Weight: 14-18 pounds
Life Expectancy: 13-15 years
Price :-₹6,000 – 15,000 INR and 150$ in USA

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Labrador Retriever

One another name of America’s most popular dog breed is The sweet-faced, lovable Labrador.

They are high-spirited companions for outgoing. They are also famously for friendly nature to the whole family.

Labrador is really gentle. But The Labrador is an enthusiastic athlete, and he requires lots of exercises, like swimming and marathon games of fetch, to keep physically and mentally fit.

They do best in moderate climate—not too hot, not too cold—but, with proper care, he can be their adorable selves anywhere.

Friendly, Active, Outgoing
Height: 22.5-24.5 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (female)
Weight: 65-80 pounds (male), 55-70 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years price-₹4,000 – 12,000 INR and 300$ in USA

Rottweiler Dog Breed


Rottweiler dogs love their owners and can actually behave in a silly way with their family.

But he is a robust working breed of great strength descended from the mastiffs of the Roman legions.

A gentle playmate and protector within the family circle, the Rottweiler dogs observe the outside world with a self-assured aloofness,

but they’re also protective of their territory and do not welcome strangers until properly.

Early training and socialization will harness a Rottweiler territorial instincts positively, and he will be more comfortable with their owner’s family.

These dogs are also used by the police and military in a lot of countries, and that’s not without reason.

This breed is renowned for its strength and intelligence, making them excellent guard dogs.

Loyal, Loving, Confident Guardian
Height: 24-27 inches (male), 22-25 inches (female)
Weight: 95-135 pounds (male), 80-100 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 9-10 years
Group: Working Group
Price”-₹7,000 – 20,000 INR , 200$ IN USA

Dobermann Dog Breed


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The Dobermann, or Doberman dogs are extremely fearless, intelligent, and agile breed.

He is Pinscher in the Canada, India and United States. he is a medium-large breed of domestic dog that was originally developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany.

it’s docked tail are easily recognizable and pretty popular in India.

Sleek and powerful, possessing both a magnificent physique and keen intelligence, the Doberman Pinscher is one of dogkind’s noblemen.

Doberman is an incomparably fearless and vigilant breed and stands proudly among the world’s finest protection dogs.

Loyal, Fearless, Alert
Height: 26-28 inches (male), 24-26 inches (female)
Weight: 75-100 pounds (male), 60-90 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
Group: Working Group
Price:- ₹5,000 – 20,000 IN INR $150 range IN USA

If you want more information about dog breeds, their diet and reproduction period then fill your email id. we will provide all detail. Thanks for Reading.

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