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How to write an article for a blog with SEO

Nowadays, the most popular way of part-time income among the youth is to write a blog or article. With the easy availability of the internet, everyone now finds a solution to their problem on Google.

Writing or telling a solution to this problem on the Internet or on a website is called writing a blog and the person writing it is called Blogger. The problem is called “Niche” in the blog language.

The blogger explains the solution to the problem and together shows the ad for the product of another company.

Those who visit his blog are called users. When these users come to their blog or article looking for a solution to their problem, then they also click on the advertisement placed by the blogger, which causes the blogger to get income.

For how this income comes, we have written a separate article which you can see by clicking on the link given below, here we talk only on writing the article.

When the accurate and simple blog of solving the problem, the users will grow and your income will increase as well.

Here some other factors also influence, such as keywords and SEO, etc. which we have told in another article, you can know more about them from the link given below.

All these things are common to every blogger, yet out of 10, 4 bloggers never earn a good income.

The main reason for this is not writing the article correctly. Today we will tell you about how to write the right article.

Before writing the article, we should look at some specific points.

Article or blog language

In a blog, you can put all your energy only if you can understand it yourself, so it is necessary that the blog is in your language which you know very well.

Blog content

When the type of any business is necessary to have an unlimited quantity of new stock so that the customer does not return without any purchase,

In the same way, you have such a big number of information in your blog, which should not be going back to the user from your blog.

For this, you should read more and more articles related to your subject, even if you are not a master of your subject.

I can tell you from my experience that after reading ten articles related to your topic, you will not have to think anything to write and your fingers will start moving on the keyboard themselves.

But you also have to take care that your article does not become boring for everyone. You should only raise the point from the other article which is really of your work.

Your article should be divided into 5 parts.

1-heading title
2- Introduction
4-footer or conclusion

Heading or Title

The title of your article should be clear. According to Google, your title should be 70 words and 525-600 pixels.

Your title should contain your main man keyword with other keywords. You can check your title word and pixel from the link given below.


You can start your article in the introduction. You can tell a detailed outline of your article that which points will come next and why you are writing this article.

Introduce your article by interesting like a news channel makes news as breaking news,

If you can put users’ questions as well, then try to give some figures like if I am writing an article on diabetes than an introduction, I will tell you that “8.8% of the youth in India or 72,946,400 youth are suffering from diabetes”. Now both the questions and the figures have come in this line.

Use maximum keywords correctly. Take care that there is no more or less. In simple language, do not use keywords more than 1% of the total word.

You can know the keyword density of your article by clicking on the link given below.

Article body

You can create all detail of the topic in the body of the article, but you can tell all the points in the paragraph or points.

You can apply 10 percent formula. Suppose you are writing an article of 1000 words, then you can divide it into 5-10 paragraphs or 10-20 points.

Please insert sub-headlines in the paragraph. Decorate your paragraphs such as the files on the shelf, the big files behind the smaller files in front, and the first important files and the remaining files later.

By doing this, the user will be able to attach himself to your article and will not be able to go back.

Do not use the same word again and again. Av, or, and, use more words sparingly. Never copy-paste.

Footer or conclusion

Just as you made the introduction fun, you must do it in the footer as well.

Finally, write the name and age of the writer. This makes the user feel connected. You can also ask him to share this article.


This is also a crucially important part of the article, by which you can send your user mail and call back on your website or blog. You can ask him to subscribe to your blog.

In this competition phase, maybe someone can give his time and read your article, but he will never put his email in the subscriber block.

To do this, you have to force it. For this, you should make some information related to your article available free in PDF.

You can provide a subscription link where the PDF file is downloaded and saved in its mobile or puck as soon as it is subscribed. Or reach his mail with thanks.

To get this link on your website, step-by-step process, subscribe to us to get it in your mail.

Things to note.

• Never overload keywords.
• Make the article as beautiful as you can.
• In the article, give examples or real facts but do not write unnecessary things.
• Must use all titles.
• The article must make at least 1000–1500 words.
• Do not copy and paste and write original. Clicking on the link given below, is not available on the Internet you write.

For more about Blogging and online making money from Blogging, then put your E-mail id on the below box.

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